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FemDomination Chronicles Chapter 2



FemDomination Chronicles Chapter 2

FemDomination Chronicles Chapter 2 Review
4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Category: BDSM / Femdom / Dominatrix
VR Headset: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Studio/Developer: Citor3
Price: $0.26/day
Free Demo: Download
Game Video: Video

FemDomination Chronicles Chapter 2 is a bundle of curated 6DoF BDSM experiences—experience hot, fully-voiced dominatrices at your beck and call in the fetish palace of your dreams.

Play scenes include endless milking, electro-stimulation, villa slave training, and more. Can you endure this sexy mistress’s torment? Can you keep your hard cock intact?

Villa Slave Training

A sexy mistress is not taking any prisoners in this kinky BDSM scene. She will milk your hard cock while making sure you stay submissive enough to please her every need. And when you think you can handle more stimulation, this dominatrix will use her tongue to make your body shake as she licks and penetrates you.

The boy’s depiction alongside a probable slaveowner in the Villa of the Mysteries frieze is not unlike that of the boy reading at the House of the Triclinium, with its implication of the boy’s low status and lack of personal agency. Although the boy’s scroll may be less significant than that of the previous reader, his inclined head and defensive posture suggest that this text marks him as a tool to be used as the slaveowner’s will dictates. This is the privileged position of a pet deliciae, and it reinforces the hierarchies and power relations that define this Villa’s owners.

Submissive Training

A sexy mistress loves to train her subs to be her ultimate plaything. She wants her subs to be her perfect tool, and she knows that the best way to get them there is with pain and humiliation. She uses her power to make them work hard, and their hard cock is the reward for their obedience. This is the kind of erotic training that makes her happy, and she cannot wait to see who she gets next.

The Tartarus Shipping dynasty is famous for its human product, which it ships around the world in cages or sealed in latex to be shaped into obedient sex dolls for their new owners. Lilith, Helena, and Persephone are the heirs to this family business, and they all love to train their unwilling “dolls,” who are crated, caged, sealed into latex, and made to serve their masters’ pleasure.

Countess Melissa DuVant is a bestselling author of BDSM stories, often set in a dark Victorian setting where the nobility take perverse delight in training their slaves and making them suffer. She writes tales that focus on submission, collaring, and physical punishment, but she also likes to write about female bondage and other kinds of kinky acts.

When she meets Jonathan, a student on break from university who is living with his stepmother, she is intrigued by her desire to teach him the art of pleasuring women. Despite his protests, she is convinced he will soon learn to enjoy her company. She is right, but it is not what he expected!

It is important to remember that a submissive can withdraw consent any time they want, and even if they do it while being abused, their decision should never be taken lightly. They are not just removing their enjoyment but potentially putting their lives in danger. This is why it is always essential for them to think carefully before being trained in something they disagree with, no matter how kinky it may be. This is a core principle of consensual D/s, which the best submissives understand and respect.

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Forza VR Motorsport Should Support Virtual Reality




forza vr

Forza VR Motorsport Should Support Virtual Reality

Forza VR Motorsport is a racing game that has long been praised for its advanced physics simulations and photorealistic graphics. However, many players have wondered if Forza would eventually support VR like its competitor, Gran Turismo 7.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. While Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S console does offer VR, the developers have no plans to add this feature to Forza.

How to play Forza VR

For fans of racing video games, virtual reality offers an immersive experience that takes the game to a new level. VR allows players to feel like they are behind the wheel of a race car, and it can be a fun and exciting way to play Forza.

To play Forza in VR, you will need a compatible headset and a gaming console or PC with the Forza game installed. Launch the game and select the VR option from the options menu. Then, adjust the VR settings to your preferences and enjoy the ride!

VR is becoming more popular in racing games, and many players ask if Forza Motorsport supports it. Unfortunately, Forza VR Motorsport does not support VR at this time. However, the game offers several features that make it a great choice for racing fans, including realistic graphics and high performance.

The Forza VR series of racing video games is one of the most popular worldwide. The franchise is known for its incredible gameplay and customization options, and the latest instalment, Forza Horizon 4, is no exception. The game features a huge selection of cars and tracks and offers countless ways to customize your racing experience. The Forza series is also great for racing enthusiasts, as it offers various racing disciplines and weather conditions.

While Forza does not currently support VR, playing Forza in a virtual reality headset is possible. You will need a compatible headset and gaming console or PC with the Forza game downloaded to do so. Once you have these items, follow the instructions below to enable VR mode in the game.

To play Forza in VR, you must first set up your headset and game system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once your system is ready, launch the game and select the VR option from the menu. Then, adjust the VR settings until you are comfortable with the experience. Remember to take regular breaks while playing in VR to avoid eye strain and fatigue.

Driveclub VR

Driveclub VR is one of the most intriguing releases to hit PlayStation VR recently. It has a lot to live up to as it’s one of the first standalone racing games in the new headset and will be many people’s introduction to VR. If it fails to impress, it could leave a bad taste in the mouth of the genre as a whole and stop people from trying more immersive gaming experiences like this in the future.

The game is essentially the original Driveclub from over two years ago, with roughly the same content and a similar gameplay focus of arcade-meets-simulation car handling. The online stats and clubs remain intact, and battling to beat your friends’ best lap times is still hugely addictive. The sense of speed is also there, with the added benefit of looking over your shoulder to check upcoming apexes and exit points in the track’s corners.

However, the biggest problem with this version is the glaring visual downgrade, which makes the game playable at 60 frames per second on base PS4. Background detail, crystal clear vistas and sublime weather effects have all been scaled back to achieve that framerate. The result is that things look a little muddy and soft in places, with blurry textures and a slightly pixelated feel to the world around you.

Fortunately, a few neat VR-exclusive features help separate this from the standard game, and they can be fun to try out once or twice. Virtual Passenger lets you sit in the passenger seat during replays, and Cruise Mode takes over your driving for a while to let you soak up the surroundings more leisurely.

Unfortunately, Driveclub VR looks so disappointing at first glance. Still, the disappointment fades away once you’ve strapped on the headset and slipped into the cockpit of your virtual racecar. It is replaced by the exhilarating sensation of being there in person. There are a few flaws in the design, such as having to squint to see some of the dashboard information, but for a full-fat version of one of the console’s most compelling racing games and the first standalone title to come to the platform, it’s a pretty solid entry.

The history of VR

The history of VR is fascinating, with the technology progressing in many distinct ways. From its earliest beginnings with Sensorama in 1956 to the emergence of virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in 2014, many different companies have explored the concept of immersive virtual experiences.

While the first VR systems were mostly used for gaming, they began to see other applications in the 1980s, including teleoperation. McDonnell-Douglas developed a system whereby heads-up displays tracked the pilot’s eyes to match computer-generated images of a virtual environment, foreshadowing future advancements in augmented and mixed reality. Technology has also found its way into popular culture, with films like Johnny Mnemonic, Lawnmower Man, and Virtuosity using VR as a visually rich shorthand for dystopian cyberpunk fears of the time.

As VR continued to advance, it started to find new uses in education and healthcare, as well as in entertainment and journalism. For instance, the New York Times has created several immersive, experiential, journalistic VR experiences attracting a lot of attention. The industry still isn’t sure what VR is or will be in the long run, but it seems clear that the technology has a place in our lives.

In terms of gaming, VR has been a huge hit in 2023, with games like Gran Turismo Sport proving that high-resolution VR graphics are possible on PlayStation consoles. Forza Motorsport, however, has no plans to add VR support at this time, a decision that probably makes sense given the fact that the franchise doesn’t have its own dedicated VR headset.

Despite this, PC gamers can achieve similar results with VR by using emulators such as Bigscreen Beta or the various free software options available. Adding Forza to this list of VR-compatible games would certainly boost the player base and show that Forza is the perfect game for this kind of immersive experience.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has remained sceptical of the potential for VR, which is another reason that it doesn’t seem likely that the Forza series will ever support the tech. The next Xbox Series X console, which is expected to be released in 2023, will not support VR, and it’s unlikely that the company will develop its standalone headset for the platform.

The best VR games

Forza VR Motorsport is one of the best racing video games, but it’s not a VR game. This is a shame because if Microsoft added VR support to the franchise, it would be a huge hit. With stunning worlds and immensely popular cars, it’d make a fantastic VR experience. Just think of the player base that would skyrocket if it was supported. This feature must be implemented if the game wants to continue to be popular.

The current generation of VR headsets can run this game with mind-blowing graphics. The latest Forza Horizon 4 was a superb example of this with its stunning Scottish highlands and car models. The game was a blast; adding VR could have boosted the player numbers to even higher levels.

Plenty of great VR games are out there, from blood-pumping shooters to adventure RPGs. But some of the best are pure simulators that put you in another world and give you an adrenaline rush. One of the best is No Limits 2 from Ole Lange. The rollercoaster simulation tests your nerves as you feel your legs being pulled in unnatural directions, hurling down the impossibly steep hills like a human rocket.

Other simulators include Until You Fall, a brilliantly designed VR game with a complex roguelite rule book and a wide arsenal of weapons. Each time you die in the game, you are reborn and can invest the experience you earn in new weapons. It’s an incredibly addictive and physically demanding game that takes full advantage of virtual reality.

Beat Saber is another great simulator that is also a lot of fun. This game is perfect for VR as you slash approaching blocks to the music’s driving beat. It’s a simple yet perfect formula that makes it one of the most successful VR games ever.

There are many more great VR games, but these are some of the most popular and well-known examples. Most are available for PC and will run on any modern gaming laptop or desktop. They all offer different experiences and will give you a taste of the future of VR gaming.

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New VR Games Coming Soon




vr games coming soon

New VR Games Coming Soon

There are also more practical uses for VR, including corporate training and virtual real estate tours. One of the more impressive examples is a game called Cosmonious High from Owlchemy, which has a 2023 release date on Meta’s Quest headset.

Fans of Koei Tecmo’s popular Attack on Titan series can look forward to this new first-person VR title that lets players aim grappling hooks and slice titan necks in their own hands. Launching in 2023, developer UNIVRS promises unique missions and entirely free three-dimensional movement.


The popular Puttzzle puzzler has found a new home in VR. The game takes the physics-based action-puzzler to a whole new level as you play in virtual reality with your friends. Puttzzle challenges players to take on a series of challenging levels while aiming for the highest score possible. Each round of the game is a little different as you compete to beat your opponent.

Assassin’s Creed is taking its iconic gameplay to VR in a brand new experience, titled Assassin’s Creed Nexus. Players will be able to step into the shoes of Ezio, Cassandra, Connor, and Haytham in linear missions that are said to last around 20 minutes each.

If you’re looking for a spooky, spine-chilling VR experience, then be sure to check out The Dark Pictures Anthology, an immersive horror shooter where you’ll take on the Six Oni of Iga and prove yourself as a deadly warrior. You can also take to the skies with Aces of Thunder, an aerial combat game that uses flight and damage models from War Thunder.

For fans of indie titles, there are a few noteworthy releases that are coming soon to the PlayStation Store. Sushi Ben is a narrative game that sees you saving a local sushi restaurant from mean land developers while also helping out town folk along the way. The game uses a Manga style graphics for its visuals and features plenty of levels to keep you entertained.

There are also a number of VR games that are getting re-releases and updates this summer. Wanderer: Fragments of Fate is a time-travelling adventure that’s being re-imagined for the next generation of hardware.

Meanwhile, Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable from Koei Tecmo is a combat adventure that’s set to bring the story of the ginormous titans into a first-person perspective. You’ll be able to swing on ropes and slice down titan necks in this action-packed VR experience. Lastly, Bulletstorm VR will let you put on the ass-kicking boots of Grayson Hunt as he battles his way across the abandoned resort planet of Stygia in this gun-based action game.

Red Flowers

During the Upload VR Winter Showcase yesterday, Joy Way, the developer behind the fast-paced locomotion systems in games like Stride and Against, revealed two new titles that make good use of those systems. Red Flowers and Stack are both first-person action games that look to be heavily inspired by Ghostrunner. Both were developed for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR, though Stack will also work with Pico-4, PSVR, and SteamVR.

Embrace FPS insanity with this explosive shooter that offers all the crude language, crazy violence, and single- and multiplayer carnage you could ask for. A wild campaign, up to 4-player co-op adventures, and crossplay support are just some of the features that await. Gambit is slated for release in early 2023.

In this sci-fi action game, you’ll fight demons and aliens across the galaxy using a diverse array of weapons and spells in an action-packed story. It will be available for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR in 2023.

This survival horror game about escaping an abandoned hotel comes with a unique conceit: you can team up with clones of yourself to fight back against your enemies. Drawn in beautiful bold line art, We Are One will be released in Spring 2023 for Meta Quest 2 and PC-VR.

A space movement game that combines the twitch gameplay of Space Invaders with the exploration of a living planet, Colony Mars will have you build structures to colonize an unknown planet. It will be available for Meta Quest 2, PC-VR, and Pico 4 in 2023.

This Harvest Moon-style simulation lets you plant, grow, and tend to crops while caring for pets and livestock. It will be available for PlayStation VR2 and PC-VR in 2023. A new paid DLC for Little Cities is arriving on December 8 that will bring snowy islands to the game. It is the first major paid expansion for the title, which was originally released in 2020.

Hellsweeper VR

Published by Vertigo Games and developed by Mixed Realms, the studio behind Sairento VR, Hellsweeper VR is a roguelike first person combat game that takes players on a journey through an unforgiving underworld. Players will traverse different demonic dimensions, wield a variety of weapons, and utilize elemental magic to slay undead immortals.

In a new trailer released today, Hellsweeper VR showcases the upcoming co-op mode. Developed from the ground up for VR, the feature allows two players to team up and descend into hell to slay twisted souls. Players will work together to execute shared combos and devise unique strategies to obliterate enemies.

The new trailer also highlights some graphical improvements for the game. Earlier reviews of the PSVR 2 version of the game were critical of its low resolution and pixelated graphics. However, a recent Steam post by the studio assures that the PlayStation VR 2 version will be getting a big graphical update in a future update.

If you’re interested in trying out Hellsweeper VR, it will be available September 21 for PC VR, Meta Quest 2, and PSVR 2. You can pre-order the game now and receive the ’Hound’ and ‘Shadow’ masks as a bonus.

Ancient Board Games

A new way to pass the time, Ancient Board Games puts you at the center of a variety of historical tabletop gaming experiences. You can battle vikings in 900 AD, test your mettle with the Roman card game Catan, or jump back thousands of years to Sumeria’s The Royal Game of Ur. You can even team up with friends for multiplayer action. The experience, which includes easy how-to-play instructions and intriguing pieces of history for each game, will be available on Steam for PC, PS4 Series X|S, Xbox One S, Oculus Rift, Meta Quest 2, and Pico XR in 2023.

Papers, Please creator Team 17 has another VR game up its sleeve. Border Bots VR is a simulation title that lets you work as a border agent designed to keep the bad bots out and the good ones in. It also supports bHaptics vests to make each punch and kick feel more authentic. It’s slated for a March release on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Thrill of the Fight 2 is coming to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR in 2023. The follow-up to the popular dungeon crawler will let you take on a host of enemies while showcasing a more diverse art style. It also promises to tweak gameplay mechanics and add new fighting combinations.

In the fantasy VR game We Are One, you’ll take on clones of yourself in a fight against the evil forces of nature. Drawn in beautiful bold line art, the unique premise of the game should give players plenty to get excited about. The update to the original, which is currently on Steam and Pico XR, adds more creative jump scares.

The popular free-roam VR game is launching on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta Qest 2 and Pico XR in 2023. The new update brings a number of changes and improvements, including the ability to replay story missions, an expanded wardrobe, a physics engine that makes for more realistic interactions, and more. It’s a great way to experience the full potential of the VR platform and will be a must-play for fans of the first game.

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Attack on Titan VR Game




attack on titan vr game

Attack on Titan VR Game

Attack on Titan VR game is a virtual reality experience that lets players run at high speeds, swing through the air with grapple hooks and slice down giant Titans. It’s built on Univrs’ experience with high-speed VR locomotion in Little Witch Academia VR.

The game was originally slated for a summer 2023 release, but it’s now been delayed until the “latter half of 2024.” It will launch on the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro.


Attack on Titan is a popular manga and anime series about young warriors defending humanity from giant man-eating creatures known as Titans. Now, fans can experience this popular franchise in VR with a new game called Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable announced during UploadVR’s Winter Showcase 2023. The VR hunting action game from developer UNIVRS will be released for Quest 2 this summer. It will feature a single-player campaign or a two-player co-op. Players will fight man-eating titans using their Omni-directional Mobility Gear, and the battle difficulty will increase as you progress through the game.

The trailer for the new VR game shows what it will look like to be a scout and fight against Titans in first-person. The gameplay looks fast and exciting, with the hero zipping around the city rooftops in a medieval-looking setting, aiming grapple hooks, and swinging to outmanoeuvre the massive titans. The game will also support motion controls, so players can aim the hooks and sword with their hands.

In addition to the game’s high-speed combat, it will also feature an exhilarating flight experience. The game will be playable in single-player and multiplayer modes, with various weapons and the ODM Gear at your disposal. The combat will be highly strategic, as you must plan your moves carefully to survive the deadly Titans.

The game will have an update later this year, including a few improvements to the graphics and performance. The new version will increase the fps when playing on a PC, and the game will run better overall. It will also have an updated UI and the ability to select different camera modes. The update will be free for all players and available in the coming months.

Even though the game is not yet out, it has received generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. For example, the Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu gave it four consecutive scores of 9/8, an outstanding score for a VR game. The critics praised the game’s story, visuals, and unique controls. It is an excellent example of a passion project done well.


The graphics and animations in the Attack on Titan VR game are stunning. Players can run at top speed across rooftops in a medieval-looking city, swinging from grapple hooks and attacking Titans in first-person. The game also features slow-motion combat for precise battles. It even features a female titan and other iconic characters from the anime and manga.

The game was announced last summer as a virtual reality adaptation of one of the most popular manga and anime sagas of all time, Attack on Titan. Dedicated fans are developing it, and it looks like a faithful recreation of the franchise’s characters and settings. Players can expect to fight titans in medieval-looking towns and villages surrounded by giant walls. The game will also include new and original story content.

The Attack on Titan VR game is coming to Meta Quest 2 and the recently released Quest Pro headsets. It will feature both single-player and co-op and be available in English, dubbed and subbed. It will also offer improved graphics, a new Shiganshina map with destructible houses, and more. The update will also add several quality-of-life improvements, such as lowering the amount of blood particles when hitting titans.

Release date

Attack on Titan has taken the anime world by storm, so it’s no surprise that a VR game based on it is already in development. This new game allows players to experience the high-flying combat of the manga series from a first-person perspective. Players will take on the role of Levi, who fights giant titans in towns and cities surrounded by walls. The game’s latest trailer shows some impressive graphics, but it doesn’t show any gameplay yet.

The latest Attack on Titan VR-Slivka trailer is full of action and adventure. It takes place in a medieval-looking city and lets users explore several locations from the series. The video also features impressive combat sequences, allowing users to shoot and grapple with titans. This trailer is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the anime and manga.

Attack on Titan VR-slavka is a free-to-play virtual reality game based on the popular anime series. The game was developed by independent developer Slavkaskola and offers an immersive experience for viewers. Its characters can climb the sides of buildings and hurl weapons at the Titans. The game also offers some different modes, including a co-op mode.

During Upload VR’s 2023 Winter Showcase, UNIVRS announced a new Attack on Titan game for home headsets. This VR hunting action game is slated for release in Winter 2023 for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The game will allow players to join the Scout Regiment and hunt down the man-eating Titans that give the franchise its name in single-player or two-player co-op.

This new VR title will be the first official game based on the manga and anime franchise. It was originally scheduled for a Summer 2023 release but was delayed to Winter of the same year. The delay was due to the team behind the game needing more time to finish the project. UNIVRS is the same developer behind Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing, so this delay shouldn’t surprise fans of the franchise.

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